It is no secret that we are getting old — really old!   So, we have set up a small trailer (very modern and very neat and comfortable) and will accept one person that wants to learn horse training from top to bottom.   We have a very complete training facility but do not have an indoor arena.  We have 4 round pens, a 30 foot (for first rides), a 40 foot round pen, a 60’foot pen where we do a lot of early training and a 150 foot round pen to work cattle and bison in where the horse always has the advantage.   We have a big arena and 100s of acres of pastures with ponds, creeks and natural obstacles of all sorts.  We are in the process of building an ‘extreme’ trail course with many all-natural obstacles.
We ‘teach’ horses, young and old, how to willingly accept a saddle, learn to ‘follow their noses, how to ‘guide with a very light rein, how to move off of and bend around a rider’s legs and how to willingly go everywhere we point their heads, with other horses and alone.  We do a lot of riding in the canyons and rough country 5 miles south of us.   There are endless miles of trails and rough country.   This has allowed us to turn out some of the best trail horses in the World.   We have sent horses to almost every state and to several foreign countries.

Our horses are noted for not bucking, not being ‘spooky’, not having to be longed or exercised before they are safe to ride and staying ‘broke’ and gentle when they are not ridden frequently or are turned out for long periods.

If someone wants to learn how to get all of this done without fighting and forcing a horse to do it, this might be the place for you to learn.   An apprenticeship will involve some chores, (but not a lot of them), no stall cleaning and is going to be 90% or more handling horses and riding.

The person motivated enough to stay with it, can also learn how to ‘finish’ horses for cow work, reining, advanced maneuvers like flying lead changes (done slow and on a straight line), turn-arounds (spins), roll-backs, etc.   There are probably 100 people that can start a horse well and get one riding around right for every 1 person that has the patience and desire to properly ‘finish’ a horse.   We are willing to teach anyone that is willing to work hard at it and wants to learn.

Everyone starts out learning to start green and unhandled horses the way we do it.  The foundation any horse gets determines how well all of the training from that point on, goes.  How far any person wants to go is only limited by the amount of time and effort they want to put into it.

This Apprentice position is a paid position.  It starts out with a stipend (plus housing and utilities).  As the person gains the knowledge to do more with less supervision, the rate of pay increases.   This definitely requires a person that is self motivated, a willing worker and very responsible.

If you think this might be for you, get in touch with us and we will discuss the details.   We only take on one person at a time, so this is always subject to availability.   This position is only suitable for someone that is already a pretty proficient rider and ready to get more into training and handling untrained horses and finishing well-started horses.

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