Lessons and Clinics


Cheri is available for clinics and lessons anywhere in the Country.  We specialize in building rider confidence.  We teach people how to gain control of a horse’s mind.   When a rider knows and understands why horses do what they do and they understand how to get a horse to focus on them and not the things that might cause control problems, confidence grows by leaps and bounds.
We especially like to work with trail riders and trail horses with problems.   We have brought trail horse training to a very high level.  We understand that people ‘just want’ a safe, happy WILLING horse that goes everywhere and does everything without fear or resistance.  Sounds really simple.  In actuality, it requires as much preparation and skill as training a horse for competitive events.   It requires an obedient, respectful horse that looks up to their rider with the same unerring faith that a foal follows its mother with.  We teach these ‘leadership skills’ to people who have HUGE confidence problems.

We can set up 1, 2 and 3 day clinics.   We like to keep the number of participants down to fewer than 10 in order to get the most done with each participant and their horse.   They may be set up with seating for observers and the persons or facility setting up the clinic can collect auditing fees to make the clinic affordable for the participants.

Contact us for more details and prices.  We do not travel with an entire Hollywood style entourage.  We drive or fly in and work with people, ‘hands on’ and do not make a ‘show’ out of it.   While all the ‘showboating’ glorifies the Clinician, it does not do much to teach the participants.  [You have to buy thousands of dollars of DVDs, teaching materials and special equipment if you want to try to really learn anything.]  We just try to work with a small number of participants and we want them to have more confidence and a more responsive horse along with a plan and a direction to go after we leave.

If you would like a preview of what we teach individuals and groups in clinics, go to the ‘Training Articles’ page in this website.

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