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Pistol Packing Flash, November 2012
3-R] PISTOL PACKING FLASH — (SOX — 1T on the trail horse page) — 2009 Sorrel gelding.  Sire:  Call Him The Flash —  a super finished reiner that is drop dead gorgeous.  He has AQHA reining points with very limited showing.  Dam:  Gunner Babe — a good looking gray granddaughter of Playgun, NCHA money earner of over $180,000.00 and a leading sire of cutting horses and rening horses. 
This is a very good looking ‘flashy’ gelding with four matched  stockings.  They don’t come with any more chrome and flash than ‘sox’ has.  He has absolutely correct conformation and is 100% sound.  He stands about 15.2 and weighs approximately 1200#.  
He is a finished trail horse and well started on him way to being a very good ranch gelding.  He is gentle, but is very quick footed and can REALLY move.  He is probably not as well suited to a beginner or recreational trail rider as he to someone more experienced.  He would be a perfect ‘project horse’ for someone wanting to finish a reined cowhorse or ranch versatility horse.  This is a smooth gaited, pretty moving horse that could do anything his rider is able to do.  He could be a real star in the AQHA Ranch Division.  He is a ‘people horse’ that come to you in the pasture.  He is well mannered and has no’holes’ in him.   The above photo was take 4 years ago when he was first started under saddle.  He is much bigger and heavier now.  We will post new photos of him as soon as we can get some.
He is offered at $7500.00.  His price will go up if we send him out to an AQHA roping horse trainer.

Dun  2012 GELDING—[Barn name is Wishbone – note his face marking] –Sire: WAR CHIEFS PRIDE (Drifter)—The outstanding Driftwood bred ranch stallion we used for many years.  His sons and daughters have been the most ‘user friendly’ horses we have raised.   This nice gelding is no exception.   He is another ‘born broke’ horse that has never made a mistake.   His dam is the super gentle and laid back Zipper Pine Bar mare, ZIPS TEARDROP.   Her dam  had roping and Barrel racing points and went to the AQHA World show in Amateur Heading.    We exported his sire to the UK in 2011 and this is the last foal sired by him that was born in the United States.
Wishbone is super gentle and suitable for a novice or experienced rider.  He is a dead broke trail horse and started tracking cattle.   He would be an excellent ranch horse.  He will pull from the saddle horse and is ready to start catching slow cattle. He needs a little more ‘handle’ and a little more ‘one-handed’ riding.  He is very laid back and not what we would look for in an arena roping horse.   He really wants to please his rider.  He is absolutely correct and sells 100% sound.    He is an excellent prospect for the Foundation Shows or the AQHA Amateur Ranch division. He is a really ‘safe ride’  He is also a ‘people horse’ and comes to you in the pasture.  $5000.00 before he is roped off of.

CLASSY LENA SILVER  (2-B in Trail horses for sale) –GRAY 2003 MARE–Sire:  Royal Lena Peppy – NCHA $ earning son of Peppy San Badger.  He is out of a producing Doc O’ Lena daughter who is out of a Royal King daughter.  He is a 7/8 brother to Peptoboonsmal.   Dam:  Classical Zanny, Foundation bred mare that is a super ranch and cowhorse.  She has been shown for several years in the FQHR and Open shows and has amassed an enviable show record including earning the 1st ever conformation certificate awarded by the FQHR.  She won several All-Around’ awards and several blue ribbons in 4-H at the District and State shows.  She stood grand at more than half of the Foundation shows she went to.
This good mare is outstanding in every way and had the kind of conformation and eye appeal to show as well as her dam and could really make a nice ‘down the fence’ horse.   She is well broke under saddle and is a super trail horse now.  She has been ridden on the ranch, but her only cattle work is gathering them in the pasture.   She is very athletic and is very talented.  She needs to be finished into a top cow horse but is a super trail horse and pasture horse now.   Some of the photos below were taken a couple of years ago.  She is much heavier and more filled out now.   This mare could be a foundation mare for an outstanding breeding program.   She has not been roped off of yet, but she just needs someone that can rope and doctor a few to be able to do it all.      SOLD and headed to California.




DRIFTERS DUSTY DUDE — 2007 Gray Gelding — Dude is registered Red Dun because he was foaled that color.  He has since turned gray.
Dude got HUGE.  He is a really gentle, well broke trail horse.  He is 16 hands and is not the most refined or ‘fancy’ horse out there but he is very handsome and definitely not ugly (maybe just a little plain).   He is big, strong and can carry a 250# + rider all day, every day.   We use him almost every day to take out big novice riders.  He has probably carried more than 100 trail riders on their very first ride — ever.  He is not spooky and never gets silly whether he is ridden by himself or in a large group.  You can lead horses off of him and do just about anything on him or ride him anywhere.   He would make an excellent hunting horse in the mountains.   I used to take out a lot of hunters in the Wilderness Areas of Western Colorado.   He is the perfect horse for that job.
He is easy to catch, ties, shoes, bathes, loads and hauls in any trailer.  He also has excellent bone and feet and has never been sick or lame a day in his life.  He has a job taking out trail riders for as long as I have him.  I would sell him to the right home for $5000.00 and I guarantee that I will miss him if I sell him.   I will try to get photos of him.  Watch for them.  SOLD and headed to Southern California.
“Dude” leading riders – November 2014


CROSSBOW STREAK (BLUE) — 2001 AQHA Gray Gelding — Docs Lynx and Docs Superstar Bar on top and Jet Deck and Three Bars on the bottom.   This 15 hand gelding is a good looking, absolutely sound and solid ranch horse.   He is pretty and has excellent conformation.  He is 100% sound, has never had a sick day in his life and has no quirks or bad habits.   He has exceptional bone and good feet.
“Blue’ will go anywhere you point his head.  He has had a LOT of miles in really rough country.    He can carry a big man all day with no trouble.  He hauls, loads, shoes, etc. with no problems.   He rides with any other horses or by himself.  Blue has worked and gathered cattle on a really BIG ranch (several thousand acres)  and has had cattle roped off of him in the pasture.   Pete is 72 and he has had a stroke, and he has been riding him all winter.   This is not a slow ‘beginner horse’.  He has a bigger motor and is used to working for a living, so he walks out fast and travels like a horse that is trying to go somewhere.   That makes him ‘more horse’ than little kids or beginners need to ride, but he is safe for anyone that knows how to ride at all.   He is smooth gaited and a really nice mover.  He is not spooky, rides one-handed and is a really nice broke gelding.
We have been using him as a pony horse and to take out green colts.   He has a good job here, but we won’t ride the other geldings when we should if we have him.   We just MUST sell him so we can season some of the other ranch gelding we have raised and need to USE.  SOLD.


DRIFTERS LUCKY ZAN — 2006 AQHA Red Dun Gelding — Sire: War Chiefs Pride (Drifter)  Double bred Driftwood horse that has conformation & ability. (Has since been exported to the UK.)  Dam:  Classical Silver daughter that we rode for many years before selling her.
‘Lucky’ is a good looking 15 hand red dun geldings.   He is very well trained, can be ridden by anyone that can pick up the reins and will go anywhere you point his head.  He has been mostly pasture and trail ridden.  He has no bad habits and he can set around for months and just ride off.  He has never tried to buck or do anything wrong in his entire life.   We have guided a lot of trail rides with him and used him a lot on the ranch.  He is also a horse that we need to sell so we will put more miles on the younger ‘green’ horses.  We just don’t get the others ridden with the steady well broke ones around.  It is just easier to take them out.
He has exceptionally good feet and bone.   Pete says “You would have to cut his head off and hide it to hurt him!”   He has never taken a bad step in his life.   Like all of the others, he ties, loads, catches easy, gets along well with other horses and has no problems of any kind.  Below are current photos of him.    SOLD and now being ridden in New Mexico.





FLASHY BLUE SLIDER [Blue]– 2004  Gray gelding.  Sire:  CALL HIM THE FLASH —  a super finished reiner that is drop dead gorgeous.  He has AQHA reining points with very limited showing.   Dam:  Classy Good Girl, a ranch used mare we raised and still have.   Very pretty and correct gelding.  Really big and stout gelding.  He stands 15.3 hands.  ‘Blue’ is drop-dead gorgeous
He is very well broke.  He is big, deep in the heart and has an endless amount energy.  He has a big motor and would be too much horse for most beginners, but would make a ranch horse, trail horse or pony horse for a big man that wants to go all day.  Our 6’4″ 270 pound son can ride him all day.  Is is super smooth gaited and willing to go anywhere or do anything.   He has perfect manners, is 100% sound and just needs a job.   He is extremely athletic for a big horse and would make a good heading prospect or a team sorting / penning horse for a big person.  He is VERY strong and VERY quick.  He is being started on working cattle and learning to handle them now (fall 2011).  He is REALLY taking to working bison and cattle in the big round cutting pen.  This could sure be his calling.  He would also make an excellent pony horse on the track
The young lady helping us with our horses thinks he would make a nice hunt seat over fence horse.   If we have time, I may have her ride him some under an English saddle.  He is really a pretty mover and is SUPER SMOOTH.    All photos were taken fall, 2011.   This horse has HUGE moves and is probably not suitable for a beginning rider.  He has no buck in him and no bad habits, but he also can sure move. SOLD and now living in sunny California.




STORMY FLASH [Slick]–2004 Bay Gelding —    Sire: CALL HIM THE FLASH —  a super finished reiner that is drop dead gorgeous.  He has AQHA reining points with very limited showing.   Dam:  Berts Stareu Tu – A really nice ranch and rodeo mare that had been roped off of and used on the ranch for many years.  She was Fisher Ranch Breeding (Bert and Oklahoma Star).
Slick is another big (15.2 hand) gelding that needs a job.   He has been pasture ridden and ranch used a LOT.   He has roped and doctor cattle in the pasture.  He is big and fast and very quick footed.  He will go anywhere you point his head.  He is a really solid trail horse.   He may be too much horse for a beginning riders.   He has no buck or bad habits and is absolutely a well mannered gentleman, Ties, hauls, shoes — everything — the very best.  He can go all day and carry a big person doing it.   He is being started on working cattle and learning to handle them now (fall 2011).  He is REALLY taking to working bison and cattle in the big round cutting pen.  This could sure be his calling.  The picture appearing below was after less than 2 weeks of working his first bison in the big round cutting pen.  He is carrying a rider that has never worked cattle before and she is just hanging on for the ride.  This gelding really wants to work a cow (or bison).  This horse has HUGE moves and is probably not suitable for a beginning rider.  He has no buck in him and no bad habits, but he sure can move.   SOLD to a couple that already have another ‘Flash” gelding.  This gelding has since been ridden on my AQHA trail rides and completed in Extreme Trail and won.


DRIFTERS ZIP [‘Cowboy’] — 2007 GRAY GELDING —  Sire: War Chiefs Pride (Drifter)  Double bred Driftwood horse that has conformation & ability.  (See his page).  Dam:  Home raised super gentle pleasure bred mare.   She is the kind anyone could ride from about her 3rd or 4th saddleing.  She is still here carrying small children on our trail rides.   They do not come any more gentle natured and all of her sons and daughters are just like her.
This extremely good looking gelding has been gentle since his first saddling.   I was leading trail rides with him since he was a 2 year old.   He was born broke.   He is the kind that you can leave out in the pasture for 3 or 4 months, bring him in, saddle him up and ride him off.   Absolutely anyone that can pick up the reins can ride him — either by himself or with 100 horses on a big trail ride.    We loaned him to a friend from California last year to take on an AQHA trail ride.   No one could believe he was only 3 and that she had never ridden him before.   He is that way every day of his life.  He has been used to check and gather cattle and has done a little sorting, but no one has ridden him that asked for a LOT of quick moves so he is by no means a finished sorting or ranch cutting horse.   100% sound.  His feet are so good, he would probably never need shoes if he was not ridden in solid rocks like we have here.
He is an absolutely solid trail horse now and as safe a gelding to ride and work on the ranch as you can find anywhere.  He has not been roped off of yet, but he just needs someone that can rope and doctor a few to be able to do it all.   (We just got too old and decrepit.)  He is VERY ‘laid back’ and easy going. SOLD.



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