Started 3 year olds for sale


This is one of the nicest set of 'PROJECT HORSES' you will ever find gathered in one place.

They will all have the size, athletic ability and good trainable minds to go out and make performance horses in any number of events.  Some of the top ropers in the country are coming back and buying their 2nd and 3rd horses from us.  We start our horses with the patience and time for them to ride off gentle.  We NEVER let them buck, even with just a saddle.  They listen, pay attention and have respect for everything we ask them to do.  These horse have had a lot of miles put on them, all with a quiet, easy going rider.  They have no buck in any of them.  They just saddle up and ride off and go anywhere you pint their heads.  No one has snatched or jerked them around, they are low headed and are ready to finish.  They do not have a great 'handle' yet, but they have been started the way you want one started.

2015 'RANCH BROKE' 3 YEAR OLDS - for sale



2015 GOLDEN PALOMINO GELDING.  SIRE: Sandunit Two Peppy (son of Dunit With A Twist).  Dam: Classy Good girl by Classical Silver.  Well started under saddle with many hours in rough pastures and mountains.  Show / performance quality.  $6500.00



2015 GRAY FILLY.  sire: Fannen Fun (son of AQHA SuperHorse, REAL GUN). Dam: Lady Blue Drifter, by War Chiefs Pride (Drifter).  'Fanny' has been ridden a year on the ranch and is a solid trail horse.  Sound, gentle and ready to 'finish' for show / performance.   




 2015 GRAY GELDING. Sire: Fannen Fun (son of AQHA Super Horse, REAL GUN.)  Dam:  War Chiefs Pride daughter.  He has been ridden a year on the ranch and is a solid trail horse.  Sound, gentle and ready to 'finish' for show or the ranch.   [He is much bigger and heavier than this old photo shows.]  




2015 PALOMINO GELDING.  Sire: Call Him The Flash.  Dam: BB Bar Queen (Granddaughter of Gay Bar King).  Nice looking young gelding with exceptional breeding.  Well started under saddle with many hour checking big pastures, turning into a fantastic trail horse.  SOLD!



2015 BAY GELDING. Sire: Fannen Fun (son of AQHA Super Horse, REAL GUN.) Dam:  Zippo Pine Bar pleasure bred mare. Really good looking, well started gentle gelding with a lot of pasture miles.  Show and performance quality.  $SOLD



Classy Peppy Two -- 2015 Palomino Gelding

'PEPPY' Is sired by Sandunit Two Peppy, a very good son of Dun It With A Twist, earner of $97,000.00 in the reining pen.  He is a son of Hollywood Dun It out of the Famous cutting mare, Peppymint Twist by Peppy San Badger.  Peppy's dam is Classy Good Girl, one of our last daughters of Clsssical Silver.  He was our well known old ranch stallion that we had for many years.  His sons and daughters were top ranch, roping and cow horses that put us on the map for producing 'user friendly ranch horses that ride'.  Good Girl was out of an old cutting mare that we had.  We rode Good girl here on the ranch for many years.   

Peppy is well started under saddle

'PEPPY' was started in the spring of 2017.  He has had a year of ranch riding in the pasture and in the Arbuckle mountains.  He is VERY quick footed.  He is bigger and stouter than most cowbred horses, but he did not sacrifice any athletic ability.  He is exceptional in every way.  He will mature around 15.2.  He has good bone and feet.  He is good minded and not at all broncy, but he is probably more horse than a novice rider needs.  We are not real anxious to sell this colt just yet because he is the kind that will make a $20,000.00 horse in another year. This is an outstanding all-around prospect for the ranch or for the show-pen.  This is one of the nicest, big, stout performance prospects we have started in several years.  He will be a very dynamic and powerful horse that can carry a top hand a long way.  Watch for more photos of him under saddle.

Check out his video --  

Before more training --  $6500.00



Fun Fannin Da Wolf -- 2015 Gray Filly

Sired By: Fannin Fun, son of AQHA SUPER HORSE, REAL GUN.  Dam:  Lady Blue Drifter, one of our best Drifter daughters.  Sadly, she was one of the mares that we lost from tornado injuries. This is her last daughter.  She is 15 hands and has very good conformation.  She is very correct with excellent bone and feet.  This is one very pretty young mare that could be a head-turning show horse or the foundation of someone's breeding program.

'Fanny' has been well started under saddle and is GENTLE

She has been ridden for over a year, with most of it out in the pasture and in the Arbuckle Mountains near here.  She is gentle to ride and goes anywhere you point her head.  She is very athletic, but not started on cattle, yet.  Pete (age 77 and has had a stroke) has been riding her a lot, but he can no longer stay on for the quick moves, so she has just been covering a lot of country with him.  She is an excellent cowhorse or ranch prospect, but she is already a rock solid trail horse.  We would love to see her go to the AQHA Ranch division or Stock Horse Shows.  She is the perfect 'PROJECT HORSE'  for someone to take on and win on or make worth a lot of money when she is finished.  She is a really good looking filly.  We would love to keep her and put her in the broodmare band, but we need to sell horses before the end of the year.   

 Check out this Youtube video link.

Offered very reasonably at $4500.00 before further training.

(3) LONE DRIFTIN WOLF -- 2015 Gray Gelding


Lone Driftin Wolf -- 2015 Gray Gelding

Sire: Fannin Fun -- Son of AQHA Super Horse, Real Gun.  

Dam:   War Chiefs Pride daughter who is out of our old pleasure bred mare.  He is a 3/4 brother to 'Fanny' (above) and 'Funny' (below).  They are all good looking and athletic and they all RIDE.

Very Well started Under Saddle

Lone Drifin Wolf is also gentle natured, willing and been ridden a lot of miles.  He is a really solid trail horse and is a very nice ranch and cowhorse prospect.  His sire is producing outstanding ranch/cow horses and his dam's sire, DRIFTER', produced many great ranch/cow horses and roping horses here and in Europe and UK.  He was known for producing user-friendly recreational horses that did not require professional trainers to make them great riding partners and show horses.  He was exported to the UK several years ago because the Quarter Horse breeders there just loved his daughters that we sold to European and UK owners.

He has excellent conformation, is very correct, sound and healthy and as good minded as they come. He is a nice performance prospect or will make an excellent ranch or trail horse. This is another great 'project horse' that a good hand could double their money on in a few short months.  He is ready for a full-time ranch job.  Watch for new photos.  

$5000.00 before more training.   



Wolf Ina Bar -- 2015 Palomino Gelding

Sired by Call Him The Flash, our Colonel Freckles - Zan Parr Bar - Doc Bar bred stallion with AQHA reining points.  His dam is one of the last granddaughters of the great Gay bar King.   Her dam was a Hollywood Gold and King Ranch bred mare.  

Wolf Ina Bar is well started under saddle

He is riding very well.  He has had a lot of pasture and mountain riding.  He rides gentle and is suitable for about any kind of rider.  He is pretty and very 'classy'.  He has a lot of ability, travels  very softly and is a pleasure to work with.  He has been shod and has been ridden quite a bit in the mountains this spring.  He rides like he is 5 or 6 years old.  He is an ideal 'project horse'.  He will mature about 15 hands.   His price will go up as he receives more training.  

SOLD and headed to Pennsylvania 



Funny Wolf -- 2015 Bay Gelding

Sire: Fannin Fun -- Son of AQHA Super Horse, Real Gun.  Dam:  Our only Zippo Pine Bar pleasure-bred mare.  She has been one of our best producers.  ALL of her foals have been 'born broke'.  They have all been exceptionally easy to train and are all suitable for youth or novice riders.  [They are very pretty, too!] 

Very well-started under saddle

Funny Wolf has been ridden a gazillion miles out in the pasture and in the mountains.  He is a dead-broke trail horse now and is ready to start on cattle or would make a World class 'Extreme Trail Horse' and would do it for a novice rider.  He does not have a 'big motor' but is very willing and not too lazy.  He has never tried to buck in his life.  He can be turned out for a month or 2 and just rides off like an old horse. He is way PAST ready for more finish training.   SOLD and headed to Oregon.  

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