GLENVIEW KANE (AKA - TINY) -- 2007 registered black Percheron Stallion

GLENVIEW KANE, is his registered name, but we just call him TINY.  He came to us at 8 years of age, barely halter broke, but his outstanding disposition was already apparent.   He was broke to ride at the age of 10 by our son, Terry.  After only a half dozen rides, they went to town for the first time for the Veterans Day Parade.  He never carried a flag before, but he did not seem to notice.  His rider in this photo is our son, Terry.  Terry is 6' 4" and well, he is over 300#.  Tiny and Terry are 'best friends forever'!



At 16.3 and 1800#, Tiny is small for a Percheron, but is exactly what we were looking for to cross on our Quarter Horse mares.  


Tiny was broke to ride and drive at 10 years of age

Tiny had only been used for pasture breeding before we bought him in May of 2015.  Our son, Terry broke him to ride in the summer of 2017.  He never offered any resistance. Everything new went like he had done it before. After 3 or 4 rides, Terry was riding him everywhere.  He rode him with the 4-H club when the kids met here to ride their horses. Terry decided he would ride him in the Veterans Day Parade in town.  One of the kids did not show up, so he carried the flag she was supposed to carry. That went so easy, we found harness and a cart (and wagon) and he broke him to drive in the fall of 2017.  He is pictured on the left pulling a sleigh (Oklahoma style sleigh) in the Sulphur Christmas Parade.  To this day, there has never been a single incident or even an argument. He stands good for shoeing, even though he had never had a foot picked up before last summer.  If you think all draft horses are big and ugly, well, you need to come and visit Tiny. 

TINY had a very successful breeding season in 2018. We are making plans for 2019.

We still have not re-built a lot of mare pens after the tornado last year.  We do not have a barn at all.  We can only accommodate a few visiting mares.  Most of his visiting mares have been ranch mares that are being bred to produce big, solid ranch horses, rodeo 'pick-up horses' and strong, sound recreational saddle horses.

At this time we are not equipped to collect him or ship semen.  

He will stand to a limited number of mares -- live cover only -- for a fee of $500.00  

Thank you to all of the breeders that sent mares this year.  A wonderful set of mares came to visit Tiny from Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma.  

We already have several bookings for 2019.  


We purchased TINY to cross with our cowbred Quarter Horse mares

We hunted for more than 2 years for a Percheron stallion that was not real tall, but had exceptional bone and feet, a good head and was 'clean legged'.  We did not want saddle horses that were real tall, but we wanted them big and strong and we wanted the feet and bone from the draft stock.  When you 'use horses' for a living and they live out in the pasture, you do not particularly want to keep feathers clean.   And, we know you don't ride a horse's head, but it hangs right out there in front of you where you have to look at it all day. We just didn't want to raise horses with big, ugly heads.  We've been breeding some of our best AQHA mares, mostly daughters of Call Him  drive Flash and War Chiefs Pride (Drifter) to TINY.  The 3 mares at right are all bred to TINY in 2018.  They are producing big, stout colts that have very good bone and feet, good minds and all act like they were born broke.  That calm, draft horse nature is coming through.  They are very smart and learn quickly, but just don't have any resistance to offer.

People ask "Why would you breed good Registered Quarter Horse mares to a draft Horse?

Well, we have raised good saddle horses for more than 50 years.  During that time, people have been getting a lot bigger while the good cowbred horses (particularly good cutting horses) have gotten a lot smaller.  At the same time, many ranches are now raising rodeo stock, particularly bucking bulls for the big PBR and PRCA rodeos.  It is not unusual for these cows to weigh over 1600# and a lot of the bulls weigh over a ton.  Saddle broncs are often over 1500#.  These draft cross colts are quiet and gentle natured but still have a lot more athletic ability than straight draft horses and are a lot stronger and 'thicker' than the Quarter Horses.  Most importantly, THEY HAVE BONE and really GOOD FEET!  They are not extremely tall like the Thoroughbred crosses are.  We think Tiny is giving us the perfect cross -- STRONG but NOT 17 hands tall.   Right now, they look like they will mature 15 to 15.3 hands and will probably weigh 1300# to 1450#.

We have never had an entire set of young horses that are this easy going and easy to train. They have exceptional bone and feet without being coarse and 'clunky'. They are nice headed (but then, Tiny has a beautiful head). They are clean legged.  They are very easy on the eye.  Every one of them has Tiny's 'laid back' and easy going disposition. They try to please from the very first time they are handled.

His first colts and fillies are now 2 years old and are being 'lightly' started under saddle. They are ALL for sale.  They are listed below.  The prices reflect the amount of training they had at the time they were listed.  It is out intention to train all of them to ride and drive, single and double.  As they receive more training, they will be priced accordingly.


2016 gray 2 year old gelding - BIG MAC, pictured at 20 months of age

This nice colt's dam is one of our best AQHA mares.  She is a daughter of Call Him The Flash. She was out of a Foundationbred ranch mare that we rode for years and used to do everything here on the ranch.  We started this colt under saddle lightly in December.  He is another one that was just 'born broke'.   He was ground driven several times and has been ridden 3 times at a walk, trot and lope.  Everything we do with him -- well, he acts like he has done it before.  He has the best attitude ever.  He is VERY laid back --- a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1-10.

This nice colt's future?

This young gelding has it all:  He has color, conformation, bone, and ability.  He should mature about 15.2 hands and weigh 1400#.  This photo was taken February, 2018.  Yes!  I know he looks like a bay roan, but, he is turning gray.  He will keep his dark color for several years and will probably dapple out, but he will eventually be gray.  He is an excellent ranch horse prospect or he will make an outstanding, big, stout trail horse. 

As he receives more training, his price, of course, will go up.  [ His 2018 baby full brother will also be available at weaning time. He is another good looking gray. ]



2016 DUN FILLY - pictured at 20 months -- February 2018

This, as yet, unnamed, dun filly is out of a Drifter daughter that we raised.  She is going to mature about 16 hands and will probably weigh around 1400#.  She has been ground driven (as of mid December) is really easy going and will make a super quiet ranch horse or recreational saddle horse.

This big, stout filly is much bigger and better than her old photo shows.  She is probably going to be the biggest and heaviest of our draft cross colts -- probably around 15.3 -16 hands. She is very gentle to handle, has been saddled many times and is ready to drive and ride.  If the weather gets a little nicer, we will get pictures of her under saddle and in harness.   Watch for these new pictures of this really nice filly.  She will be priced according to how much training she gets.



Outstanding Grulla Filly -- Pictured at 20 months - February 2018

This filly is exceptionally good looking and has a very good disposition.  Her dam is one of our best looking daughters of Call Him The Flash.  This filly will mature around 15.2 - 15.3 hands. She is probably the most athletic of all of the 2016 cross-breds and sure has the color and looks to go with it.  She is very good minded and very strong and thick without being extremely tall.

This big girl has been saddled several times and is ready to ground drive.  This is a photo taken February, 2018 at 20 months old.  She will be priced according to her training.



2017 YEARLING DUN COLT -- now gelded

Sire:  Tiny, our registered Percheron stallion.  Dam:  Dun (turned gray) Quarter Horse mare by Drifter. Photos and more details to follow.

Draft cross colt (photo at left is his 2 year old full sister)

A very good looking Dun (probably turning gray) colt. Very stout, heavy boned colt that will make a top ranch / rodeo horse that will be able to handle big cattle and rough stock.  He is much more heavily muscled than his sister pictured at left.  He is a good moving young gelding with very correct conformation.  

If purchased this summer, 2018 --- $2000.00


'TWISTER' -- Bay gelding -- pictured at 20 months -- February 2018

Sire:  Glenview Kane (Tiny) registered Percheron.  Dam:  AQHA Call Him The Flash daughter that was out of our best Drifter Daughter, Zan's Tonya.  He is currently 14.3 hands and will mature about 15.1 or 15.2. 

Bay draft cross colt (photos to follow)

Very good looking bay gelding.  Heavy boned stout colt that should make a top ranch / rodeo horse that can handle roughstock.  He is further behind than most of the two year olds because his dam was killed in the tornado when he was only 10 days old.  He is catching up and going to make a very nice gelding.  He is very athletic and handles himself exceptionally well.   Photo taken Feb 2018.

$SOLD and now living in Tennessee  

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