'ROJO' - 2005 APHA Breedig Stock solid sorrel gelding


SIRE:  SG Ranger Bob - Old foundation Paint breeding.

DAM:  Harrys Lady May - Doc's Sug, King Fritz and King breeding.

Rojo is another rock solid trail riding gelding that has been ridden on the ranch for 2 or 3 years. Everybody rides him from our 10 year old granddaughter to ranch hands.  He has checked and gathered cattle, but has not roped and doctored them.   He is gentle, easy to get along with, has no bad habits and is stout.  He stands 15 hands and has excellent bone and feet.  He can go all day and is just as happy in a large group or by himself.  He is an ideal 'husband horse', very laid back but no too lazy.  If you want a gelding that you can just grab up out of the pasture and put anybody on, here he is. Anyone with a minimal amount of experience and skill that can pick up the reins, can feel comfortable on Rojo.  He is strong and able to carry about any rider, he is not spooky and does not challenge a rider.  He is suitable for anything from a youth horse to a 'husband horse', or would be a safe and useful horse for an experienced rider.  Rojo is NOT a 'dead-head'.  He has impeccable manners and goes anywhere you point his head, is traffic safe and easy to get along with.  Rojo is 100% sound, has very good bone and feet.  


He is easy to catch, show, saddle (my 10 year old granddaughter does it by herself often). He stands still for mounting, loads, hauls, and is great in every way. He wants to be someone's trail or ranch riding partner, or would be the perfect 4-H youth horse for many years to come. Watch for more photos and a video. 


FLASHY BLUE DRIFTER -- 2012 Gray Gelding


Flashy Blue Drifter -- AKA 'Blue'


Sire: Call Him The Flash, our 20 year old Stallion that is Colonel Freckles and Zan Parr Bar breeding.  He is also an AQHA reining point earner in very limited showing.

Dam: Lady Blue Drifter, sired by War Chiefs Pride, a double bred Driftwood stallion we used for many years and then exported to the UK.  He sired many roping, ranch and cow horses that were exceptionally good boned and good footed.

Blue is a really nice, gentle, very solid ranch horse and trail horse.  He has a little bit bigger motor and rides a little higher headed than most of our horses, but he will go anywhere you point his head.  [He is NOT silly or chargy.]  He covers a lot of ground and anyone that can ride a little, can get along with him -- completely 'user friendly'.   If someone wants a great ranch horse that does not make them play 'cowboy', Blue is it.  He has impeccable manners, 'no buck' even after long lay-offs, likes people, and comes to you out in the pasture.  He has no bad habits of any kind.  He will pull off of the saddle -horn and is a good pony horse that is willing and does not tire easily.   He would be a great hunting horse to take to the Colorado mountains.  He is 100% sound and healthy.  He is a big, stout, solid horse that will willingly give you a day's work every day.

Offered for $5000.00

FLASHIN DA CLASS (Blondy) -- 2009 sorrel gelding



SIRE:  Call Him The Flash.  His dam is a good daughter of Classical Silver, our beloved old ranch stallion.  Blondy is a gorgeous light chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, standing 15.1 hands, and weighing 1200#.  He is very stout, quick footed and FAST.

About Blondy:

BLONDY is a 9 year old gelding that was bred and raised here on the ranch.  We have used him for everything from a pony-horse to a 'go-to' horse when we have ranch work to do.  He is 100% sound, very good boned and good footed and a very useful 'ride'.  He is absolutely beautiful.  He is smooth gaited and pretty easy going.  He is probably one of the fastest horses on the ranch.  He is a 'rock solid' trail horse with a lot of endurance and can be ridden hard all day, every day.

While Blondy is an excellent trail horse and ranch horse, but he is probably more horse than a novice rider needs.  He can get a little humpy when he has been turned out for a long time.  He is not a bronc or mean, but a 'good feeler' when he is fresh.    Everyone here just loves to ride him, but we have so many young horses coming up that need the riding more than him, that we are offering him for sale.  If someone takes him and works more cattle on him and ropes more off of him, he is a $10,000 ranch / doctoring horse.  

Offering him for $5000.00 now.  



CLASSY -- 2004 bay Gelding

Sire:  Classical Silver-- Our old beloved foundation stallion that was Tee Jay Roman / King Ranch breeding on top out of one of the last daughters of Doty's Socks Jr, our first ranch sire that had 280 AQHA points in 10 events and had an NCHA Certificate of ability.

Dam:  A mare we bought from Waggoner Ranch in Vernon Texas.  She had Doc Bar, Hired Hands Cardinal and Poco Nifty Pep on her papers.  Classy is as close as you can get to the great horses that founded the American Quarter Horse Association.  He is our last son of Classical Silver.  

Classy has been Pete Wolfe's personal riding gelding for the last 12 years.

This beautiful big bay gelding is absolutely gorgeous.  When Pete used to ride him on various ranches gathering and working cattle, everyone remarked that he was 'the best looking gelding they had seen'.  Pete has not been in very good health and can no longer ride him.  He feels bad that he is just standing out in the pasture and not being ridden very often.  Occasionally, someone takes him out and guides a trail ride or two off of him and then he gets turned right back out.  Pete would like to sell him to someone that will appreciate him and use him.  He needs a job. He is gentle and pleasant whether he is ridden every day or once a year.  The young man riding young horses for us has ridden him several times and he has yet to make a mistake.  He is big and stout and can carry a good sized rider all day, every day.  He is absolutely sound and healthy.  As soon as I can, I will get picture of him and put them in here.   


PISTOL PACKING FLASH (SOX) -- 2009 Sorrel Gelding



Sox was foaled here on the ranch as was his mother and grandmother.   He is sired by our ranch stallion, Call Him The Flash.  His dam is Gunners Babe, a granddaughter of Playgun out of Bay Elegancea, OK State Champion Working Cowhorse that we also raised.  She was the last daughter of Doty's Socks Jr, our AQHA Champion stallion with points in 10 events and an NCHA Certificate of Ability.  He comes by his great 'all-around' ability honestly.  He comes from a long line of great all-around horses.

Sox is 15.3 and weighs 1300# when he is fat.  [He does not look that big on the current photos, but the Vaquero riding him is a very big man.]  He is 100% sound and is completely gentle for anyone to ride every day or once a month.  He is never 'cold backed' and always willing to do whatever you want him to do.

Sox has been ridden literally thousands of hours on huge ranches.  He has been ridden very little in an arena.  These photos were taken one of the first times he was ridden in one.  He has tracked cattle a couple of times, but is not a finished team roping horse.  He is, however, a great prospect for the arena.  He has exceptional speed and never gets outrun by a rank cow in the pasture.  


This gelding was ridden here on the ranch for several years.  He was so outstanding that we felt he deserved to be finished like we could no longer do.  [Getting old is not all it's cracked up to be.  It just beats the alternative.]  Last winter we sent him to California to be ridden by one of the most respected Vaquero horsemen on the West Coast, Jeremy Pinheiro.  Sox spent the last several months gathering, sorting and doctoring cattle in huge pastures, dragging calves to the fire, loading big, rank cattle in a trailer (with no help), doing everything a horse can be asked to do on a big ranch.  He rides very well one-handed 'in the bridle' and has an excellent 'handle'.  He is 'gun broke' and has been shot off of and around.  There is no job on the ranch that he is not willing and able to do.  He is one of the best looking geldings we have ever raised and could go to the AQHA Ranch Versatility division or the Stock Horse Shows.  On the ranch, he will handle slow and carefully on a loose rein or run full speed when he needs to.  He handle big, rank cattle and rodeo stock just as easily.  He pulls HARD from the horn.  He is perfect for all types of ranch use.  He will handle cattle slow and easy, or and fast and hard as he needs to.

Sox is the perfect mount for a 'gentleman rancher' that is safe for the family or for guests. He is absolutely gentle and sound with no bad habits.  He has never tried to buck, rear or run off, even after several months of being turned out.  He is probably one of the world's best trail horses and is a great prospect for someone to take to trail challenges.  He has never been sick or injured and sells 100% sound and healthy.  This is one very classy gelding that will turn heads anywhere you take him. 


oSox is still living in California with Jeremy and can be ridden out there. He is a REAL ranch horse. He will do this kind of work all day, every day with a lot of endurance and willingness. He has been trained on a huge ranch, not in a show trainer's barn.  He is not show trained, but is so solid it would take very little to turn him into a top Ranch Versatility competitor. He can easily be shipped anywhere in the Country. He is priced to sell quickly.

Check out his Youtube video at this link:



SOLD to a discriminating rider in California

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