Call Him The Flash daughter in California on a beach ride (not for sale)

The Wolfe Ranch has been turning out some of the best minded trail and ranch horses for many years.  Throughout this website, if we say a horse is a "solid", "finished" trail horse, that is exactly what it is.  If we say a horse is "well-started" and is "making" a good trail horse, that is exactly what that horse is.  It is probably better trained than most horses, but to meet our standards, it may need more "seasoning" or more work in traffic, etc. 

Wolfe Ranch horse (recently sold) doctoring cattle

This is Zips Flash, ranch horse and trail horse deluxe, now living in Arizona

Wolfe Ranch horse -- recently sold

This is Lily -- Rock solid trail horse now living in Texas


1) Flashy Blue Drifter - 2012 AQHA Gray Gelding


Sire: Call Him The Flash, our 20 year old Stallion that is Colonel Freckles and Zan Parr Bar breeding.  He is also an AQHA reining point earner in very limited showing.

Dam: Lady Blue Drifter, sired by War Chiefs Pride, a double bred Driftwood stallion we used for many years and then exported to the UK.  He sired many roping, ranch and cow horses that were exceptionally good boned and good footed.

Blue is a really nice, gentle, very solid ranch horse and trail horse.  He has a little bit bigger motor and rides a little higher headed than most of our horses, but he will go anywhere you point his head.  [He is NOT silly or chargy.]  He covers a lot of ground and anyone that can ride a little, can get along with him -- completely 'user friendly'.   If someone wants a great ranch horse that does not make them play 'cowboy', Blue is it.  He has impeccable manners, 'no buck' even after long lay-offs, likes people, and comes to you out in the pasture.  He has no bad habits of any kind.  He will pull off of the saddle -horn and is a good pony horse that is willing and does not tire easily.   He would be a great hunting horse to take to the Colorado mountains.  He is 100% sound and healthy.  He is a big, stout, solid horse that will willingly give you a day's work every day.  Suitable for a youth or elderly rider.

Offered for $5000.00

FLASHY RED WOLF - 2014 AQHA Sorrel Mare


SIRE: Call Him The Flash, our 20 year old Stallion that is Colonel Freckles and Zan Parr Bar breeding.  He is also an AQHA reining point earner in very limited showing.

DAM: Zans Tonya, a daughter of our double bred Driftwood stallion that we had for many years and exported to the UK .  His foals are 'born broke' and have made outstanding ranch horses and saddle horses for many years. Zans Tonya has produced some of the best foals we have raised.  She was used on the ranch for several years before she was bred.   Tonya has an exquisite 2018 dun filly at her side this year.   This filly is also for sale.

Flashy Red Wolf is a very good looking young mare.  She is a full sister to some very fine individuals, some of which are pictured below.  She is very well started under saddle and has been ridden literally hundreds of miles in the extremely rugged Arbuckle Mountains south of town.  We are listing her as a 'very well started' trail horse and not a 'finished' trail horse  She has a lot of ability and lot of really good moves to her.   She will make anything from a great trail horse to an exceptional ranch horse and cowhorse.  Anyone except a novice beginner rider can take this exceptional 'project horse' and turn her into a World Champion at the Stock/Ranch Horse Shows or the Foundation Shows.   This is without exception, a very, very nice young mare.  Some of Red Wolf's full brothers and sisters are shown below.

If your interested in this mare, call.  We may keep her and breed her next year.  

-- (ROJO) - 2005 APHA Sorrel Gelding

3) (ROJO) - 2005 APHA Sorrel (breeding stock) Gelding

SIRE:  SG Ranger Bob - Old foundation Paint breeding.

DAM:  Harrys Lady May - Doc's Sug, King Fritz and King breeding.

Rojo is another rock solid trail riding gelding.  He is gentle, easy to get along with, has no bad habits and is stout.  He stands 15 hands and has excellent bone and feet.  He can go all day and is just as happy in a large group or by himself.  He is an ideal 'husband horse', very laid back but no too lazy.  If you want a gelding that you can just grab up out of the pasture and put anybody on, here he is. Anyone with a minimal amount of experience and skill that can pick up the reins, can feel comfortable on Rojo.  He is strong and able to carry about any rider, he is not spooky and does not challenge a rider.  He is suitable for anything from a youth horse to a 'husband horse', or would be a safe and useful horse for an experienced rider.  Rojo is NOT a 'dead-head'.  He has impeccable manners and goes anywhere you point his head, is traffic safe and easy to get along with.  Rojo is 100% sound, has very good bone and feet.  He wants to be someone's trail or ranch riding partner for many years to come.  Rojo is pictured below.



HALF PINT -- 2012 Sorrel grade gelding

Half Pint is a 14.1 hand small cow-bred, grade Quarter Horse gelding.  [That 14.1 hands is a bit deceiving.  He has very high withers and looks more like a 13.2 or 13.3 hand pony.  He just has NO pony look to him.  He is a small, well-made horse.]  He is cute and very athletic.  He is only 6-7 years old, but rides like he is 15.  He is very solid, very gentle and 'user friendly'.   He has been used on the trail string for over a year, but is really way too nice to be a 'dude horse'.  Our 10 year old granddaughter loves riding him and goes everywhere on him by herself.   He is very easy to handle, a child can catch and saddle him up with no help. [Obviously, they need to know how.]  Our granddaughter catches him, jumps on him bareback and rides him in from pasture with a halter.  He is easy to shoe, haul, bathe, etc. He has great manners and absolutely no problems or issues.  He gets along well with other horses.  He is healthy and 100% sound.

Half pint is very athletic and quick footed.   We think he would make an outstanding play-day / timed event pony if someone wanted to take him that direction.  He would make a super all-around horse for 4-H or open shows.  




Sire: Sandunit Two Peppy, a son of Dun It With A Twist (LTE $109,000.00), an own son of Hollywood Dunit out of Peppymint Twist, leading producer of reining and cutting horses.  His dam is a granddaughter of Doc's Sug.

Dam: Zips Teardrop, a daughter of Investers Pine Bar out of Seven Teardrops, a mare that had AQHA points in Barrel Racing and Team Roping (heading).  She is our only pleasure bred mare, but she has never had a bad colt.   She has been an outstanding producer.

Lilly is broke, broke, broke.  She is suitable for a youth or novice rider.  She would make a great youth all around horse, especially for the AQHA Ranch Division, Foundation Show or Stock Horse circuits.  She has impeccable manners and no bad habits of any kind  She is gentle, easy to get along with, loves working and getting along with her rider, and offers very little resistance. She is solid enough that you can catch her out of pasture, throw a saddle on her and ride her off.  If a horse needs to be round penned, longed or 'worked' before it is ready to ride, it really is not 'broke' enough and has its rider trained instead of it being trained.  She is started toward roping and would make a very nice heeling horse.  She has had a rope swung off of her and has been logged.  She has tracked a few cattle, but it has been too muddy and the weather has been awful, so more training has to wait for better weather.  

She is 100% sound, stands between 14.3 and 15 hands and weighs 975#.  She is an easy keeper and very healthy.

Price - SOLD and now living in north Texas


Real Classy Wolf -- AQHA 2014 Gray Mare

Sire:  FANNEN FUN, the gray son of REAL GUN that sired several of our young horses.  Dam:  SASSY CLASS ACT, one of the last Classical Silver daughters left in the United States.  She won the weanling filly class at a very big and competitive weanling futurity class at the 2005 Oklahoma Foundation Show.  Her granddam was a great mare we purchased from the Waggoner Ranch.  She had Hired Hands Cardinal, Poco Nifty Pep and the Doc Bar son, Sassy Doc, on her papers.  She was a great old mare and Sassy Class Act was her last foal.  

This good looking young mare probably has the best conformation of any young mare on the place.  She is a top show prospect for the AQHA Ranch division or for any of the Stock Horse Associations.  She has good enough conformation to show in the Performance Halter classes. She rides the best.  She is a rock solid trail horse that will go anywhere you point her head and rides well for anyone that ca hold the reins and had a basic knowledge of riding.  She is gentle and stays gentle, even when she is turned out for several weeks or months.    She is not spooky and has had a rope swung off of her and has been logged.  When the mud dries, she will be started tracking and handling cattle.  She is guaranteed 100% sound. This is a quality filly that could make her new owner famous.

Price:  SOLD and headed to Oregon


CINNAMON - 2010 grade Appaloosa gelding

Cinnamon is a big, 16 hand App gelding that is very broke and very gentle.  He is really good looking, solid on the ranch or on the trail and 100% sound.  He can carry a BIG rider all day, every day.  He was ridden many times by a 300+ pound rider last year and enjoyed every mile he was ridden - as did his rider.  Two of the photos below show him heading out at dawn on a all-day gather with his 76 year old rider. While he is very gentle, has no bad habits and rides the best, he is also very smart.  He is probably not the best horse for a novice rider.  I would honestly have to say that he is more counterfeit than honest, but he does not need a 'cowboy';  He just needs a little more experienced rider than some horses.  [If you don't know what that means -- you probably don't need him.]  He has impeccable manners and is very easy to be around.  He is not herd bound, he shoes, hauls, ties, stands still for mounting, etc.  If you know how to ride, you'll think he is great.  If you don't know how to ride, you'll swear he is as dumb as a box of rocks.

SOLD and now working on a ranch in Kansas


ZIPS FLASH - 2013 AQHA Bay Mare

ZIPS FLASH - 2013 Bay mare

Zips Flash (AKA 'Blaze') 2013 Bay Mare 

Sire: Call Him The Flash, our 20 year old Stallion that is Colonel Freckles and Zan Parr Bar breeding.  He is also an AQHA reining point earner in very limited showing. 

Dam:  Drifters Blue Zip, an  exceptionally good looking mare by War Chiefs Pride, a double bred Driftwood stallion we used for many years and then exported to the UK.  He sired many roping, ranch and cow horses that were exceptionally good boned and good footed.   His colts were all 'born broke'!

This good looking bay mare is a rock solid trail horse and a 'finished' ranch horse.  She is pictured above roping a yearling.  She has been used extensively in California for both trail riding and general ranch work -- like gathering, sorting and doctoring.  She pulls hard off of the saddle-horn and is an exceptional heading prospect or is perfect for the  AQHA Ranch Division.  Nothing outruns her and nothing outworks her.  She is rock solid on the trails and goes anywhere you point her head.  She s gentle, well mannered, has no bad habits and has no buck in her.  She is located in California and is being used daily this winter for all phases of ranch work until she is sold.  Check out the photos below of this nice young mare. 

Price -- SOLD to a big ranch in California



A good trail horse is one that does everything and goes everywhere the rider wants with a minimum of asking. He goes ‘new places’ as willingly as he goes familiar places.   He is quiet, does not easily ‘spook’ or shy.  He is sure-footed and watches carefully where he places his feet.  We ride in rugged country and it takes a horse a long time to learn to travel in it confidently and safely.  [ It is easier if they are raised in that kind of environment.  Our own broodmares and foals spend their summers running in rough pastures.]  A good trail horse does not try to travel faster or slower than the group and above all, is well trained enough to leave the group and ride where he is told to go.  He will lead, follow or ride in the middle of a bunch of horses.   He has good manners, i.e. he stands quietly for mounting and dismounting, stops and stands still when asked, is not upset when something is dropped or gets around his feet, etc.  In other words, he is a well trained horse, not a ‘deadhead’ that follows the horse in front of him.  We gather and work cattle on all our trail horses!   Throughout the “WOLFE RANCH” web site, if a horse is said to be a good trail horse, it means just that.

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